Articles about Toxic Links

The Article section is a collection of articles and case studies giving insights into what is considered a toxic link, and what do to about toxic links.

  • How to Prepare a Link Audit

    This article gives you an overview of important preparations for your link audit. Don’t start a link audit lite hearted, it could cause you dearly in extra work or loss of rankings.

  • Google's Toxic Links

    Previously only available to LRT clients we now publish examples of actual spam link examples reported by Google. All of these links can be considered toxic links as they were blocking lifting of a Google Penalty.

  • Link Audit Mistakes

    Link Audit summary

  • Link Building Scams

    Based on user and client feedback, we try to summarize all possible and still ongoing ways how link building clients are being scammed.

  • Disavow Time

    The Disavow can take up to 9 months to take effect, if applied wrong or incomplete.

  • Expired Domains

    The best SEO due diligence is recommended, before investing in an expensive expired domain.