A list of High margin industries and Verticals blocked from Adwords

High Margin Industry

In high margin industries, a different competitive landscape exists and often also different SEO rules apply.

High margin industries are typically characterized by these criteria:

  • “Of course we buy links”.
  • “Money doesn’t matter”. (of course it does, but to a lesser extent)
  • Extreme stiff SEO competition, all the high profile affiliates are in there.
  • Affiliate industries, often large companies working as affiliates these days.
  • Negative SEO happening
  • Hacking and other #INFOSEC incidents happening
  • DDOS happening
  • Traffic/Analytics spoofing happening

You can sense, that there’s tough bandages in these industries.

These are also the industries where link buying is not only a daily routine, but also ongoing disavowing of previously good links that became toxic.

Typically SEOs in all high margin industries utilize paid links.

Examples of High Margin Industries

The following industries are typical industries with high margin

  • Software downloads
  • VPN Tools, Services, Privacy-promising products
  • Lawyers e.g. for Car Accidents, Personal Injustry, DIU, Asbestos Cancer/Mesothelioma
  • Cryptocurrencies and brokerages
  • Investment schemes
  • “Second Passwort”, Expedited Immigration, “Golden” Visa and related services
  • Payday Loans/Cash Advances
  • Credit Cards
  • Loads & Mortgages to some extend/country
  • Pharmaceutical
  • CBD / Marijuana
  • Casino, Poker, Slots and other online gambling

and as you read thru this it sounds similar to the list of industries banned from Adwords.

And in fact, a lot of those industries are not only relying on SEO only, but are also very high margin and very competitive (and even illegal in some cases).

  • Alcohol
  • Counterfeit goods (fake brand sneakers from China, for example)
  • Dangerous products or services
  • Sexual content / Porn

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