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Link detox is a SEO software which helps you to be on Google’s safe side. Link Detox helps you clean up your website’s link profile and makes it free from bad links. Link Detox is an SEO tool which identifies toxic links which are harmful to websites and allows you to remove or disavow them.

No, Link Detox runs through complex procedures and analyzes to report an estimated risk score for your links.

It categorizes your link with DTOXRISK (how risky the link probably is) and helps you in deciding if you should remove these links based on rules.

The decision to disavow or remove is still your own.


Keep in mind that we use very common spam link rules to identify potentially harmful links, but this can still be wrong in certain edge cases. Make sure you review all links you want Google to ignore, because if you ignore good links, it might hurt your sites rankings.

We provide no liability for the completeness or correctness of this list and it’s your own sole responsibility to tell Google to disavow any of these links.


No. That was one of the first concerns and design issues we took, that is effectively impossible. Good luck to everyone trying, well find you and ban you from influencing Link Detox Genesis®

While we believe TOX3 links should be removed very likely, as they are classified as ‘very unnatural. We highly recommend you check TOX3 links carefully.

My site has a Domain-wide DTOXRISK score of 1345 What score should I be aiming for?

Try to get it down to at around 700 or less, which will show as an average DTOXRISK.

Please make sure you have followed all the important setup steps show the correct Link Detox Risk score.

It is also recommended to check out your competition using CDTOX to get a better understanding of your niche.

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