Here are some FAQ

Which limitations apply in the trial version?

The 👉 trial version does not allow export of any data from the system, does not include Li%k Detox Boost. In addition the Trial plan is limited, like all plans, to the specified Link Crawl Budget. This means that domains with bigger backlink profiles than the specified Link Crawl Budget require purchase of additional Link Crawl Budget to run.

What is the difference between Link Detox and LinkResearchTools (LRT)?

The complete LinkResearchTools subscriptions (LRT Superhero plans) include more functionality than the Link Detox subscriptions. If you want to focus on link removal and Penalty Recovery, a Link Detox subscription may be sufficient. We recommend the complete suite for most users for automation, ongoing monitoring for negative SEO, competitive research, onsite analysis, link audits, link research. Only the full suite allows you to implement safe Link Building campaigns with the Time Machine for Links™ to boost your rankings with powerful, clean links, you have to go for the full LinkResearchTools as offered here.

Why should I sign up for LinkResearchTools?

LinkResearchTools (LRT) combines link data from 25+ link data sources to give you a complete link profile analysis. We then clean, re-crawls and verify the link data for you. You get a new crawl with every report you create. No other SEO software provides you with as rich, fresh and accurate high-quality link data in one single central system as LinkResearchTools does. The completeness and accuracy of LinkResearchTools are not only legendary but also the reason why our founder Christoph C. Cemper built LRT for his daily work in link building and competitive research in the first place. Every other product just presents you the fragments of your backlink profile that it has in their index, we combine and clean all data pieces for you.

I have a domain that exceeds the Link Crawl Budget for my plan. Do I have to upgrade?

No, you can just buy more Link Crawl Budget with an add-on. Note however, that the most cost-effective way is an upgrade to a bigger plan if you need more on an ongoing basis.

What happens to unused Link Crawl Budget?

If you don’t use up all the Link Crawl Budget in the billing period, it will be reset, i.e. be lost. This is like with a mobile phone providers data allowance resetting every month or so. So in general all allowances mentioned above are allocated resources per billing period and cannot be taken over to the next billing period.

Can I export the results of the analysis reports?

Except in the limited trial Yes. We support export as XLS, CSV and PDF for all results. These results are the links combined, cleaned, recrawled and therefore verified to be LRT quality for you. A raw data export of all the link data we got from our data sources that went into the analysis is not possible. For disavowed links we of course let you export the full disavow file, and we keep track of all the changes to it historically in our system, like a version control system.

Can I use all my Link Crawl Budget at once?

Yes, with an annual or bi-annual plan, you get all your Link Crawl Budget with your signup. So when you have months with more business than others, you might as well use half or all of your Link Crawl Budget in one month only.

What payment options do you offer?

You can pay via VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and Paypal. We also offer SEPA direct debit for bank accounts in all European Countries. You can also pay via debit cards like VISA Electron or Postepay. We also offer payment via invoice and bank wire for annual accounts or order size of around EUR 3000 or higher.

Do I need a subscription to use LRT?

All our products are subscription based. You will be billed monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or annual basis as subscription term.

Is SEO even legal?

Of course, SEO is legal. The results of Link Detox were confirmed by a German court. There is no doubt that SEO is legal. SEO means the optimization of your website, cleaning up the risky links, optimizing your anchor texts and your overall link profile. There’s nothing illegal about that. It will just boost your website’s rankings. You will do better than your competitors. You will get more traffic, more leads and more conversions.

Do you offer training?

We have a wide range of training options for you and your team. This ranges from the popular online SEO training LRT Associate to the ultimate personal experience with the LRT Certified Professional Workshops with our founder Christoph C. Cemper.

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